Herbalists retreat 2017

2017 Herbalists retreat

Monday 19th - Wednesday 21st June

Camping and Glamping residential options available

Brought to you by Sacred Seeds Herbal Project and Workshops at Wowo


The event is open to all types of herbalists and students of herbal medicine welcome. This event is aimed at trained herbalists; this does not need to be degree level and is open and inclusive to all training.  If you feel you would benefit from the schedule provided on any given day and that you have a good understanding of anatomy, physiology as well as a foundational understanding for herbal medicine.  Some basics of herbal medicine will NOT be covered.


Scroll down to read the full workshop descriptions and the bio’s of the various speakers


Ticket price

Only 50 full day tickets available for sale

£180 Early

Ticket price includes All meals (vegetarian catering with vegan/Gluten free options) plus all talks

Ticket price does NOT include camping or accommodation, this must be booked separately. Scroll down to find out how.



Monday 19th June:

7.30am - Morning Movement exercise class

8-9am - Breakfast

9.30am - 12.30pm WORKSHOP: It all starts in the gut – digestive inflammation and food intolerances, diagnosis and treatment. with Christine Herbert

1-2pm - Lunch

2-5pm WORKSHOP: Reclaiming our tradition with Kit Acott

6-7pm Dinner

7-9pm - “Pay it forward” medicine making workshop with Melissa Ronaldson


Tuesday 20th June:

7.30am - Morning Movement exercise class

8-9am - Breakfast

9.30am-12.30pm - TALK: - Lymes disease - Julia Behrens

1-2pm Lunch

2-5pm - WORKSHOP: The Native herb dispensary with Kit Acott

6-7pm Dinner

7.30pm Talk: Overview of cannabinoid therapy past and present with Haskel Adamson


Wednesday 21st June:

7.30am - Morning movement exercise class

8-9am - Breakfast

9.30am-12.30pm - TALK: Intro to complex trauma with Kirsten Hale

1-2pm Lunch

2-5pm - TALK: Complex trauma continued with Kirsten Hale

6-7pm - Dinner

7.30pm - Campfire hangout and fireside chats…..


(TBC: Plant spirit journey with Anna Richardson)


How to book:

Click directly on the start date of the workshop/camping/extra you want to attend, followed by clicking on 'NEXT STEP'. Then select how many people to attend each Workshop (take note of dates) and click on 'NEXT STEP'. You will then be directed to fill in your payment details.





This event is fully catered for by Cashew Catering.  All meals from Monday breakfast to Wednesday dinner.  All food will be vegetarian with vegan/gluten free options available. Food cost is included in ticket price.  If you have a specific dietary requirement please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will try to accommodate you.

If you plan to arrive early on Sunday evening food will not be provided at these times so please bring your own. Thursday Breakfast can be arranged upon request if you stay the Wednesday evening.

Please arrive 15 minutes early to allow time to meet & greet.  Please bring suitable footwear for walking on farmland, warm clothes (even if it is sunny) and wet weather gear just in case.  Please bring your own yoga matt for morning movement and a cushion to sit on during class or your own camp chair.  

Please bring a notepad and pen, maybe a camera to help you remember the plants, an instrument for campfire sessions and some good cheer!

Location, travel info & directions:

Please check into campsite reception upon arrival. The office staff will direct you where to camp.

Accommodation options; additional costs:

Accommodation is NOT included in ticket price

Camping bring your own tent: £10 per adult per night.

Book this via normal camping website; add in additional notes that you are joining this event.

Special one-time only glamping deals for this event: To Book this email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2 x communal shepherds huts, 6 bunk bed available, bring own sleeping bag/pillow @ £20 per night per person

2 x communal shepherds huts, 2 double beds fully made up with duvet pillow’s etc @ £30 per night.

Why not come as a group or bring your family to have a holiday while you dive into the herbal world, plenty of local attractions or just campfire gazing to be done.  

Alice yurt, sleeps 4 (2 double beds ); £150 for 2 nights; £225 for 3N; £300 for 4N (Mon-Thurs):

Clarabella, sleeps 4 adults (2 double beds); £150 for 2 nights; £225 for 3N; £300 for 4N (Mon-Thurs):

Lotus bell tent sleeps 4 (one double, 2 singles); £100 for 2 nights; £150 for 3N, £200 for 4N (Mon-Thurs):

Gypsy wagon sleeps 2 adults (Double bed) one child; £100 for 2 nights;  £150 for 3N, £200 for 4N (Mon-Thurs):

Woodland yurt sleep 6 adults (2 doubles 2 singles); £250; £375 for 3N, £500 for 4N (Mon-Thurs):

More about Kit Acott and the two workshops she will offer:

Reclaiming our tradition: Kit will explore why we are nervous of using our own tradition, how science and the enlightenment have narrowed or approach to plant medicine, and how UK history and politics have eroded our british tradition. Kit will look at ways to explore British herbal medicine, looking at sources and where we may access information, other models of exploring plant medicine and why that is relevant.

Kit’s native herb dispensary talk is a follow on from this.

Both sessions will include some outdoor work nosing in the hedgerows.


About Kit Acott:

Kit qualified from the school of phytotherapy in 1995.  She worked at napiers for 10yrs primarily in the children’s clinic and also in more general practice.  She also taught for the college of phytotherapy, teaching materia medica, anatomy and physiology and supervising student clinic in Edinburgh.  More recently she has quit practice to live slowly aboard a narrowboat, exploring a more natural and herbal approach and concentrating on her teaching.

Check out Kit’s facebook page HERE to find out about other workshops she hosts.

More about Julia Behrens:

Julia Behrens holds a degree in Herbal Medicine diplomas in Nutrition & Therapeutic Massage runs a busy practice at the Albion clinic Brighton and Herstmoncuex Health center and Gp’s surgery. Julia specializes in  women health and Lyme disease. Has taught at the School of Herbal Medicine, lectured at East London ,Bader and Westminster University, consulted for the WWF and Neal's Yard and runs a range of courses in Herbal Medicine in schools and community groups. Julia was also recently on channel 4 food unwrapped and is currently writing a children’s book about herbal medicine. Julia is passionate about the conservation of medicinal plants and people taking their health into their own hands.

Julia has chosen to specialize in supporting people with Lyme’s and co-infections, which arose from her multi-systemic approach to medicine. Specifically, over the last 8 years she has attended numerous conferences across Europe concerned with Lyme’s, engaged in personal research and collaborated with healthcare professionals across the board.

The talk will help you understand the complicity of Lyme disease and how this multisystemic illness might be overlooked in herbal practice. Julia will give examples of a range of protocols, nutritional supplements and herbs used in her clinic.

To watch Julia in a film doing a herbal walk and explaining more about what she does, visit her website at



What is Lyme disease?

Relevance to a practitioner



Co infections

Treatment protocols

Case history

Individual herbs used in my protocol.

More about Kirsten Hale:

Kirsten Hale is a community herbalist living in the unceded territories of the Multnomah, Clackamas and other indigenous peoples in a place called Portland, Oregon. Her herbal practice is dedicated to survivors of personal and collective trauma, big dreamers and activists. She has designed an oracle deck based on the patterns of complex trauma and offers in person and online readings. Her life’s work is dedicated to the collective unspelling of white supremacy, cis-hetero-patriarchy, ableist-capitalism and imperialism. Find her writings and work at


Complex Trauma: A Loving Introduction to CPTSD with Anxiety & Depression for Herbalists: Complex trauma is a beast to have and a beast to work with as it is entangled in every aspect of a person's life. Resources that would otherwise go to shining brilliant creativity and connection with the world instead are routed to consistent cycles of survival on both psycho-spiritual and physiological realms. Re-connection and movement out of cycles of survival (including anxiety and depression) are places that herbalists have profound impacts. In this class we are going to dive deeply into looking at safe ways to work long term and short term with folks seeking our support. This class includes a journey through:

  • Core aspects of CPTSD vs. adult onset trauma or PTSD

  • The energetics of anxiety and trauma in tissues and body systems

  • Neuro-physiology of trauma and anxiety

  • Resisting the pathology of diagnosis and partnering with clients

  • Specific physiological manifestations of complex trauma

  • Trauma-informed formulating with plants and clients

  • Complimentary, easy to access/modify, practices for self and client

  • Thoughts on creating a trauma-informed practice

More About Christine Herbert MAMH is a naturopathic herbalist and allergy therapist with 20 years of practise behind her. She has specialised in digestive health and food intolerances. Previously she was a biomedical scientist for 18 years working in haematology in various NHS hospitals.

Christine’s talk: It all starts in the gut – digestive inflammation and food intolerances, diagnosis and treatment; When we are able to accurately determine a food intolerance we get better compliance from patients, our herbs for all health problems work better, and there is far more job satisfaction for us. It’s not just gluten and dairy either, salicylate sensitivity is really common and not recognised by many therapists. This workshop will teach the signs and symptoms of various food intolerances, and also how to use applied kinesiology to be precise about the food that needs excluding. We will also look at healing the gut and the herbs we can use to facilitate digestion and digestive healing.