Tipi Trail

Tipi Trail


Welcome to TipiTrail, our premium woodland camping pitches. If you'd like privacy and seclusion, tree cover and the sound of running water, then Tipi Trail is what you need. Set behind the main camping fields, Tipi Trail has all this and more. There are 8 pitches, most of which have a glamping option of either a Yurt or Hut on, which leaves 2 pitches where you still bring your own tent and make the place your home. 


Pitch one (called Stepping Stones) is just after you cross from Lower Moat into Upper Moat on the right and from there Tipi Trail runs all the way down to Frank's Spot about 350 metres away.


Because these are our premium, private and secluded pitches, we do not allow cars to drive into any of the pitches. You can drive very close, so unpacking won't be an issue! If you need any assistance, look out for the Day Warden and they will help you!


In order (closest to furthest) the pitches are:


1. Stepping Stones Shepherds Hut

2. Hobbit Yurt

3. Woodland Yurt

4. Bluebell Shepherds Hut

5. Brookside Shepherds Hut

6. Little Owl Yurt

7. Cherry Tree

8. Frank's Spot

The calendar below only shows Cherry Tree & Frank's Spot availability, for all Yurts see the glamping homepage.



Green - Available
Red - Not available
Yellow - Minimum 2 Nights


To see glamping pitches, please visit the glamping homepage.


7. Cherry Tree - The penultimate pitch near the end of Tipi trail on pitch number 7.  It is the closest pitch to the Little Owl yurt but not too close for comfort.   Nestled next to the Pellingford brook you will hear the stream trickle and the toot of resident owls by night to lull you into a deep sleep. Cherry Tree is approximately 7 metres by 6 metres.


8. Frank's Spot - A lot of our campers think that this is the best spot on the campsite. It certainly is the most secluded out of Tipi Trail, therefore offering the most tranquility. At the very end of Tipi trail, down a narrow track, it has its own little beach by the brook. This is the furthest pitch from the facilties in Upper Moat (2 min walk) and main facilities (6 min walk), so be prepared to carry your stuff roughly 50m. You can easily get over the brook into the opposite field, to increase your space for relaxation. Frank's Spot is approximately 5 metres by 10 metres plus a 4m by 5m beyond seating area. 


Map showing Tipi Trail



Below are a few pictures of Tipi Trail to give you an idea of how beautiful and secluded it is.


Inside Tipi Trail

Campers in Tipi Trail


The last and best spot in Tipi Trail