Camping with 0-5 year olds

Camping with your 0 to 5 year old  


We have created this section to help all our campers with 0-5 year olds. Helpful tips and advice and to let you know what equipment we have to lend out so your cars are not crammed packed to the brim. (What are we saying, of course your cars will be packed to the brim!)


Helpful tips;


Pack for the weather; bring extra layers to keep warm and dry, long sleeves are great whatever the weather to keep warm and protect from the sun.


Keeping clean; bring a separate washing up bowl for the children rather than the dishes!


Getting around site; Off road buggies, back packs and slings are best suited to our terrain, town buggies will work but expect them to get muddy.


Toilets; We have toilets positioned all around the site, for potty training and night time needs  then we suggest a portable potty with cat litter inside for a toilet at your camp.


Keeping busy but also relaxing; You are on holiday after all, bring a few games that you know your children will love to play with limited support, a car or tractor are a great small toy that can produce hours of fun in a new setting, (make a leaf/mud track, bark ramp, the play is endless.)  Also, don’t forget that chores can sound fun to little ones. Who wants to sweep up the tent? Rinse off the dishes? Do it before they are old enough to realize they are working.


Your tent; We have found the most successful tent with young children is one that you can stand up in, and have an indoor play area for whatever the weather.


Cook ahead; prepare meals ahead of time that you can freeze, then they act as ice blocks for your journey and are ready to cook up straight away. Bean Stews, pasta sauces, pancake batter are just a few good choices. Also get the children involved in the cooking, if making fireside jacket potatoes, get your little helpers to wrap the potatoes in the foil.


Talk about the trip before hand; You know your child best, so if talking to them about the trip and explaining to them about what to expect then we think that is a good idea.


We have some baby/toddler equipment for you to borrow, we ask for a deposit.  A high chair, travel cot, a carrying pack back, a bumbo, and baskets of toys/books. When booking please make a comment if you would like to borrow anything. We only have a few items so first come first served.


Don’t forget list

  • Tarp (either to use on the ground or tie up for sun/rain shade.

  • Torches (own personal one for each child)

  • Pillows

  • Something for under the beds, foam mats, blankets etc

  • Clothes line and pegs

  • Water bottles

  • Hot water bottles

  • Your warmest PJ’s

  • Dustpan and brush

  • Dish cloths and tea towels