Middle Brook

Middle Brook

This field is the first on the right as you walk from reception and is outlined in Blue on the map. Middle Brook is also parallel to the brook on the northern side, so once again campers can enjoy sounds of running water. At the far end there is also a bridge over the brook which leads into Tipi trail and beyond. Instead of plain grass this field is predominantly clover, so if you are stuck for something to do spend a few hours trying to find a 4 leaf clover to make yourself very lucky.

Only the top half of this field is used for camping so the bottom half is available for you to play games like football and frisbee.  The corners of this field are often suitable for larger groups where you can arrange yourselves in circles with the bottom of the field being your own play area.  This field is the closest to the main facilities and also the walk to the Sloop Pub.


Middle Brooke