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About Really Wild Bushcraft

Really Wild Bushcraft was founded by Steven Shove in January 2010 to deliver outdoor learning experiences to families and organisations alike. Since then, hundreds of families have either attended together or signed up their children on our Really Wild Bushcraft courses at WOWO. Steve and his team are qualified bushcraft and survival instructors. Each is a qualified expedition leader, CRB checked and trained in remote first aid and food hygiene as well. Instruction is safe, fun and delivered in an exciting and engaging way so whatever your age, you’ll get a great deal from our courses. Nature and adventure are the team’s passions. We hope you’ll live your own adventure and join our scheduled sessions at WOWO.  Please also visit or call 07771 520515 for private individual, group or corporate bookings.



Workshop Descriptions


Really Wild Bushcraft - Horrible Histories

An exciting journey of activities, challenges and stories from throughout the ages from the Stone age to the Saxons, Vikings and the Romans. Learn and experience the skills of times gone bye from fire to shelter, hunting, gathering and living from the woods, to foods, medicines and even poisons too. Learn about some of the most strange and even terrible things people used to have to endure as they worked to survive in the past. Of course, whilst history can be horrible, at Wowo, this workshop will be fun, exciting and just another great part of your time on holiday

Below 5yrs must be accompanied by a paying adult.  3hrs.  £18


Bushcraft - Stone Age Adventure

Head back to 100,000 years BC and step into the forests where our ancestors first learned to spot and use the resources around them. Go back to an age when fire was first mastered, where foods and everything else that was needed to survive had to be found, made or foraged and learn some skills that you can be proud of. Packed full of bush craft lessons and games this workshop is wonderful for all the family!

Below 5yrs must be accompanied by a paying adult.  3hrs.  £18


Hunters and Gatherers Experience

A wonderful workshop designed for all the family. Try out a host of primitive weapons and learn just how amazing our ancestors were at trying out new ideas, overcoming all the odds and working together in the wild. During this course participants will have the opportunity to try out primitive weapons such as spears, spear throwers, hunting sticks and maybe even the bolas or slingshot. Participants will learn new skills, get to compete in tribes and also have time to try some amazing wild foods too. A great little session that you'll be sure to remember for a long time!

Below 5yrs must be accompanied by a paying adult.  2hrs.  £12


Camp Craft

A fun-filled session and a great opportunity to learn how to make shelters that will keep you safe and comfortable in the woods. Participants will experiment with natural and sometimes man-made materials to make the best camps they can. Learn the answers to key questions such as; do I even need a shelter? Where do I put it? What can I make it from? What design should I use? What if I’m just too tired? What if I have no string? And how should I do so safely? Whether you are a child or a grown up, this session is one that will leave you with skills you can use forever.  And it’s a great one to share with your child!

Below 5yrs must be accompanied by a paying adult.  2hrs. £12



Bushcraft Adventure

A fantastic introduction to bushcraft! Learn about fire, shelter, water, wild foods, tracking and getting close to animals and how not to get lost in the wild. Packed with games and activities throughout, this mini-adventure will also take you on a wilderness trek and introduce you to the wonders of the natural resources and environment around you. It is a great introduction to bushcraft and the countryside and a brilliant opportunity for families and friends to do something together. Kids of all ages from 5 to 95 love it! An experience you are sure to remember for a very long time!

Below 5yrs must be accompanied by a paying adult.  3hrs.  £18


Fire, Forage & Games

A fantastic couple of hours with three fun elements suitable for all the family. In this session participants will be introduced to the basics of fire ignition using a fire steel, taking any skills that may have been used in Forest School to the next level or introducing it in an age appropriate manner for the very first time. Next, will be an exciting and informative forage for such things as wild foods, medicines and other useful Bushcraft items, followed by a selection of woodland and/or field-based games.

Below 5yrs must be accompanied by a paying adult.  2hrs.  £12


Please do not send any knives with the children on the workshops, if carving is offered then knives will be provided. Dogs can not attend workshops. Please be sure to send your child with a drink of water and warm clothes to the workshop, even if it is a hot day, as it is cooler in the woods. 


How to Book workshops at Wowo

Click directly on the date of the workshop/ extra you want to attend, followed by clicking on 'NEXT STEP'. Then select how many people to attend each Workshop (take note of dates) and click on 'NEXT STEP'. You will then be directed to fill in your payment details.




 If you have any trouble booking please call reception on 01825 723414 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


2hr session - £12
3hr session - £18

knife craft 2hrs £16; 3hrs £25


For all dates please scroll through the calendar page to see when each individual course is happening. You will also be given the supplements available for those dates when you book camping through the main booking page. 



Group Bookings
If you would like to book any of these workshops for a large group on already set dates or  privately on special dates, for school or home education groups or team building exercises, we can accommodate you.  Tailor made full/ half days with a selection of workshops of your choice and price discounts available.  Please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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