Foraging, Wild Medicine and Potion Workshops

With Alice Rose Betony from Sacred Seeds Herbal Project

Wowo's very own resident medical herbalist



Family Foraging days £50 for 1 Adult & 1 Child; £20 for additional child

Wild Medicine Walks £20 p/p

Potion Making £10 p/p


Scroll down below the calender to see the list of foraging and wild medicine walks and workshops on offer.


Potion making workshop

In the village area in Lower moat field


Join wowo’s resident Medical Herbalist to learn how to brew your own simple and safe potions. Learn about a selection of common wild weeds, cottage garden herbs and kitchen spices and choose what magic powers you want your potion to have….. You can choose from herbs that can ease digestive or respiratory complaints, boost immunity or aid anxiety…

Alice will be on hand to offer personalised advice for your family’s health needs and you can feel empowered learning about the ingredients and tools to make your own potions….

This workshop is suitable for all the family (under 8yrs accompanied by an adult), it is a sensory experience and educational too…..

The base of your potion will be apple cider vinegar (so not suitable for anyone that is allergic to this) and you will take your potion home with you to brew for 4-6 weeks before you can use it. Learning this simple recipe opens up a plethora of ways you can learn how to keep your family naturally healthy through the seasons and you will be equipped to reproduce these potions again at home. 

Alice Betony runs Sacred Seeds Herbal Project and offers regular workshops in foraging, wild medicine and medicine making for all ages.

1hr. £10. Under 8yrs accompanied by an adult

15 people max per session


Sunday 25th April - 09.30am-10.30am

Sunday 16th May - 09.30am-10.30am

Sunday 30th May - 10am-11am

Wednesday 2nd June - 10-11am

Sunday 6th June - 09.30-10.30am

Sunday 27th June - 09.30-10.30am

Saturday 10th July - 10am-11am

Wednesday 28th July - 10-11am

Saturday 31st July - 10-11am

Wednesday 4th August - 10-11am

Sunday 8th August - 09.30-10.30am

Wednesday 11th August -10am-11am

Saturday 14th August - 10-11am

Wednesday 18th August - 10-11am

Saturday 21st August - 10-11am

Wednesday 25th August - 2-3pm

Sunday 12th September 09.30-10.30am

Sunday 19th September - 09.30-10.30am


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Spring Equinox Wild Medicine walk

10am - 12.30pm

Friday 19th March

Come along to share in the grounding and connecting experience of walking the land, as the sap rises and the days are longer.  Learn about the very first wild food and medicine of the year that becomes available. Young shoots, roots & leaves a plenty for food and medicine….

We will end the walk by tasting some wild teas we will make along the way, sampling tasters of seasonal wild medicines and planting some medicinal plant seeds for you to take home and grow. 



Beltane Wild Medicine walk


Friday 30th April

Come along to share this special seasonal festival, the peak of spring and the start of summer. Earth energies are at their strongest and most active. All of life is bursting with potent fertility...

Share this informative short walk to teach you some basic botany and plant ID and to introduce you to all the wild medicine and food that is in abundance at this time of year. We will end the walk by tasting some wild teas we will make along the way and sampling some love potions and jumping over a small fire.



Spring Family Foraging day


Saturday 15th May

Come together as a family and learn about the wild food and medicine available in abundance at this time. Wild spring greens have been part of the diet of our ancestors for thousands of years and we will learn some of their traditional and modern uses as well as how we can gain benefit from incorporating them into our lives. On this day we will walk the land and gather some of the spring plants we find for making tea, food and medicine around the fire in the afternoon. You might take home a herbal vinegar or a healing ointment, feast on wild pesto and salad and pick up some fire by friction tips

£50 is for 1 Adult and 1 Child

If you want to bring additional kids it’s charged at £20 per child and you can email a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and pay on cash on the day



Lammas Wild Medicine Walk


Monday 2nd August

As the start of the harvest season technically begins, It is often a more barren time of year in the foraging diaries, as the flowers have mostly passed and the fruits and nuts not yet ripe….. Let’s come together and see what we might find for food and medicine and let us gather to create a harvest ritual and prayer together



Autumn Family Foraging day


Saturday 11th September

Come as a family to learn how to make some winter herbal remedies with the abundant hedgerow berries available at this time. Autumn is the time for deep nourishing, building up our stores of nutrients and supporting our immune systems ready for the cold months ahead. Along with the last few wild greens we have such an abundant variety of healing foods and medicines at this time of year. We will gather and fill our baskets together in the morning and make food and medicine around the fire in the afternoon. You might take home a hedgerow oxymel or enjoy some wild hedgerow syrup as well as picking up some fire by friction tips



Autumn Equinox Wild Medicine walk


Monday 20th September

Autumn is a busy time in the foragers and herbalist’s schedules, such an abundant time of year. Come along for this gentle walk to get a flavour of this celebration of natures harvests. We will end the walk sharing some wild teas and tasters of seasonal wild medicines. We will make a simple altar and share our gratitude as well as a short meditation to invite balance within ourselves


Acorn day
Run by Anna Richardson
Sunday 10th October
£55 p/p
A fun and nurturing workshop with which to end the year, this day is dedicated to the wonders of the great oak tree. Our time will focus primarily on the acorns, learning about gathering, processing and enjoying the nourishment provided by this ancient food that has been a staple for many peoples around the world. We will also touch on the medicinal properties, folklore, botany and ecology of this iconic tree and spend some time finding our own connection with it. Finish the day with acorn truffles around the fire.
On this day you will learn all things acorn!
Learn the different leeching processes to make the might Oak into a digestible food for humans...
Sample and help cook some delicious Acorn delights over the fire...
Learn about the nutritional and medicinal uses of the Oak and acorn
There will be a chance for the group as a whole to partake in some of the processes involved and there will be scope for extensive Q & A to help cement the days learning.



Medicinal mushroom day with Jesper Launder - CANCELLED

Sunday 24th & Monday 25th October

Meet outside Ashdown Forest centre, Colemans Hatch Rd, Forest Row, RH18 5JP


This is an immersive day event exploring the fascinating world of native medicinal fungi with herbalist and all-round wild mushroom nut Jesper Launder. The morning session sees us exploring local woodland for interesting fungi species, learning how to identify the common and important medicinal species, where to find them, and the basics of how to use them as medicines. The afternoon offers the chance to extend our learning beyond the species found in the morning, including species-specific practical methods of preparing your own high grade medicinal mushroom extracts. There will be a chance for the group as a whole to partake in some of the processes involved and there will be scope for extensive Q & A to help cement the days learning.






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About Alice Betony:
Alice is the eldest daughter of the Cragg family, the owners of Wowo campsite. She set up and still runs all Workshops at Wowo. Realising the potential to help inner city kids and families experience nature connection and bushcraft as part of their camping experience. This then expanded to the general public in the surrounding area to also offer full day workshops in foraging and wild basketry plus more.  The master forager Anna Richardson became and remains a dear friend and mentor to Alice, for which she is eternally grateful.  Alice went on to deepen her own bushcraft skills by attending the year long survival course called Trackways which culminated in a 4 day survival quest in the Pyrenees. 
Over the years she was so inspired by the plants that she also underwent a 3yr full time Herbalism course in London and is now a qualified Herbalist and Naturopath.  Alice's main passion is to empower and inspire kids and families to help themselves stay healthy through the abundance of nature's medicine around us. Alice also helps raise awareness around sustainable growing and wild crafting of herbs, endangered or at risk species and seed sovereignty. She  completed a Permaculture design course with Peter Cow. Alice host's wild medicine walks and practical herbal medicine making workshops for all ages in the East Sussex area. She also offers seasonal days of foraging, practical medicine making, basic botany and biology workshops for Home Education groups. Alice is available for private 1:1 herbal consultations, private foraging events for groups either at wowo or a location of your choice and has an online shop selling her small batch handmade herbal products ranging from teas, tonics to cosmetics. Visit her website to find out more:


About Jesper Launder

Jesper qualified in Herbal Medicine in 2002 from the University of Central Lancashire and has since set up clinics in Didsbury, Bolton, Manchester City centre, and his home town of Hebden Bridge.

Over his time in clinical practice Jesper has developed a particular interest in the treatment of long-standing and stubborn complaints, with special emphasis placed upon stress-related disorders, skin complaints, and problems associated with hormonal disturbances.

Jesper has close ties with the natural medicines company Neal's Yard Remedies, and currently practices from their clinic at their Manchester branch. In conjunction with Neal’s Yard Remedies, Jesper runs a variety of herbal medicine courses and talks.

He is especially passionate about the healing potential of Herbal Medicine in both its gentle nature and effectiveness, and is keen to share this passion with others. Jesper places great emphasis upon education, and as well as teaching many aspects of Herbal Medicine, gains much pleasure from leading informative wild food, mushroom, and herb identification walks through the year.

Jesper is a fully insured member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists.



DSC 0649 IMG 2949

About Lucinda Warner:

Lucinda Warner is a herbalist and naturopath living and working in East Sussex. She works primarily with local and wildcrafted herbs and can often be found nosing around the hedgerows or blending, brewing and bottling potions in her kitchen. She is a firm believer in herbal medicine as the medicine of the people and loves to share her experience of the healing powers of nature which involve everything from herbal preparations to simply sitting by a tree. She writes a blog at in which she shares seasonal photos, recipes and musings from the wild.




Anna Foraging nettle anna new logo



About Anna Richardson:

Anna was has been teaching about Foraging and wild medicine at Wowo since 2008. She is taking a year out to explore the flora and fauna of the UK with her family, as well as making time out to practise her nature crafts. She will return to offer workshops again in 2017.

Anna has extensive knowledge and experience of native wild plants. Self taught research into medicines available in the hedgerow led to a yearlong bushcraft/survival training, as well as an interest in wild foods and other practical uses of plants. Since 2003 she has been mentored by archaeo-botanist Professor Gordon Hillman. Anna currently teaches Forest School and courses for adults at Sussex University; she is also developing her work in Plant Spirit Medicine and nature awareness with teachers such as Eliot Cowen. Anna works as a freelance facilitator for the Circle of Life rediscovery team, which is a community interest company for outdoor learning and environmental education.

Anna’s passion is in providing a space in which participants have the opportunity to connect to the natural world and to explore this relationship through creative activity.  By spending time around a fire in the woods with a smallish group of like-minded people, working with gathered plant materials in various ways, we can find connection to ourselves as well as to the natural world around us.  Taking time out of our normal daily lives in this way allows space for reflection and gives us the possibility of deep nourishment, appreciation and an opportunity to touch into sense of the interconnectedness of life. Anna is inspired by traditional wisdom and knowledge in the ways we work with nature and the natural materials.  We harvest what we need with respect and sensitivity.




About Deborah Barker – Field Folk

‘I find the marriage of pigment and fibre, the way in which natural colours reflect the season, the geography, the weather and the alchemy of creating colour with materials from the local landscape, endlessly fascinating.

Deborah grew up in the Sussex countryside and has a degree in the History of Design from University of Brighton where she specialized in textile history.

When her children were young she would collect hedgerow plants to dye the sheep fleece they gathered from the fields around their Sussex cottage. Through these early experiments she discovered a passion for working with living botanical colour.

For thousands of years we have experimented with capturing pigments from the plant and mineral kingdoms and transferred them to the human material world. Deborah is engaged in an ongoing study of the history and craft of natural dyeing and has a deep respect for the knowledge that has been accumulated over generations. This learning, along with a passionate belief in the importance of creativity for wellbeing and a commitment to sustainability, underpin her approach to natural dyeing.

Deborah loves to work outside with foraged and found dyestuffs. Dyeing with plant material gathered mindfully and with care, can help us to slow down and connect with the natural world to create deeply nourishing colours that resonate with the living landscape. Where possible she harvests plants in such a way that it actively improves the biodiversity and ecology of the place from where they were gathered.

She been teaching naturally dyeing since 2013 and has been mentored by internationally renowned natural dyer, Jenny Dean since 2015. As well as her creative practice as a natural dyer she is a freelance arts consultant and arts project manager. She has a particular interest in education and the intersection between craft, architecture, agriculture, and wellbeing. She is currently completing a four year project with the International School of Storytelling.

You can find Deborah on instagram at field_folk