Office and Shop


Reception and the Shop are located just round the corner from the barn where you will have parked.


Ask in reception for information about local walks that include pubs and cafes. 

You can borrow table tennis bats for some indoor action and rent a charging locker for your phone or tablet.
See below for an entire list of what we sell.


 The produce in the office



We are delighted to tell you about the food and drink we stock in our little shop.  We measure in food metres with so many local suppliers on our doorstep Sheffield Park Village.  We support local farms only a few miles from WOWO.
Award Winning Artisan Bread from The Sussex Kitchen Sheffield Park
Small sourdough: white sussex, wholemeal, seeded   £2.50 each
Small sourdough: raisin and walnut, pure rye or rye and caraway  £2.50 each  (please pre-order)
Large Sourdough: wholemeal or light rye   £3.20 each
Sourdough and touch of yeast 
Sussex flute baguette   £1.55
Malthouse and sunflower seed large sliced £3.20                
Large Fugasse black olive or walnut and blue cheese (please pre-order)
Foccaccia Rosemary and maldon salt (please pre-order)
Buns (Please pre order for large quantity)
Brioche Bun - 60p each
Seeded BBQ baps - 60p each
Pastries (please pre-order for large quantity)
Plain Croissant £1.25
Pain au Chocolate £1.50
Pain au Raisin £1.50

Savoury (please pre-order for large quantity)
Sausage Roll £2.50
Cheese Twists £1.25
Gluten Free (please pre-order)
GF Bread £3.50
GF Savoury Quiche £2.50 each
(Sorry Gluten Free bread and pastries are not suitable for coeliac. Shop does stock other GF suitable for coeliac - amazing cakes, brownies, flapjack
The high quality Meat is sourced from a very local Townings Farm
Selection of sausages: pork, lamb, beef, different seasonings with some gluten free - £4.20 pack of six
Bacon back or side (various pack sizes)  individually priced
Prime beef or lamb burgers gluten free  £6.00 pack of 4x6oz 
Chicken and other ham cuts by request
Dairy Produce
Local milk from Downsview Farm Dairy  £1.20
Organic award winning cheese from High Weald Farm Dairy (various pack sizes) - individually priced
Award winning Drinking yoghurt from Court Lodge Farm Organic
Butter Southdown Farm
Downsview Farm ice creams  £1.80
Local Yummy lollies  from 50p to £1.50
Local Cider, Real Ale, Wine and Gin
Sparkling Sussex Siffelle champagne from Sheffield Park  £18 
Red and white organic wines
Sheffield Park Real Ales from the 360 Brewery £2.40  £2.80  £3.60 for 500ml bottle  (preorder for 5L polypin bright of pale, bitter or west coast american type) 
Black Pig Orchard Farm Cider (preorder larger box)  sparkling £8 / still £6.50
Artisan Blackdown Gin from the foothills of the South Downs  £29
Local Juices
Black Pig Orchard Apple and Pear Juice  £1.50 small / £2.80 large
Folkingtons range of lemonades and fruit juices £1.50
Ice (availability dependent on stock as much as we can fit in the freezers!)  £2 a bag
For your fry up:
Local mushrooms and tomatoes when in season
Baked beans
Eggs organic local Grassington Farm
Duck eggs from our own ducks - rich yolks, high in omega oils
From our veg patch we have seasonal veg such as:
Salad leaves, tomatoes 
Squashes (a huge selection of tasty roasting pumpkins September to March)
Sweetcorn in season August to October
Broad beans in season March to June 
Local cake makers  
Brownies (gluten free)  £4.50
Flapjacks   £4.50
Selection of cakes (carrot, lemon drizzle, poppy seed)  £5.75
Gingerbread  £4.50
Tempting local handmade chocolate from  Cocoa Loco
Marshmallows the all important item! We have vegan ones too 
Plethora of other goodies:
Clipper Teas - Organic, herbal
Clipper Coffee - organic ground and instant
Hot chocolate
Cereals local Purple Patch muesli and granola
Local Jams, Honey, Chocolate and Peanut butter spreads
Local Chutney, Sauces, Mustard, Mayonnaise, Oils and Salad dressings 
Baked beans, chopped tomatoes, soups
Pasta, rice
Toiletries including toothpaste and toothbrushes, soap, suncream, sanitary products. 
British made wool socks
Sacred Seeds Herbal products hand crafted Wapsbourne Farm include natural insect spray, first aid salve, herbal teas, infused vinegars, body butters 
Find us in Office / Shop for all your foodie and other requirements during your stay.  The environment and all our local producers are grateful for your support.
With thanks from Team Wowo