Covid-19 Measures 2020

Covid-19 measures for the 2020 season

We will be opening our doors again on Saturday 4th July! We can’t wait to welcome you back again and to see lots of familiar faces. 

Please take the time to read and familiarise yourself with the following  COVID-19 camping guidance. We are following all government guidelines to keep everyone onsite safe. 

This guidance is intended to provide an overview with regards to what to expect onsite and to assist you with your planning and preparation in order to safeguard yourself, your family and our team whilst camping at Wowo this season.

Government guidance is still advocating that all members of the public maintain social distancing of at least one metre from others (Government legislation which can be found

 Please all be mindful of the situation, your surroundings and help us with all measures put in place. Working together we can ensure the campsite and countryside can be enjoyed by all. 

Main Measures

  • Please wash your hands on arrival to the site before touching any shared facilities, especially if arriving by public transport. Hand sanitiser is available in all key areas. 

  • We will be adhering to the advice set out and therefore we will be requesting that all camping guests socially distance from other individuals whilst onsite who are not direct family or social bubble members as required by law.

  • There is ample space around our site here and therefore people will be able to effectively socially distance from other visitors whilst out in the fields at their respective pitches without the need of wearing face coverings in the fields.

  • We do think that due to the proximity of pinch points around the sinks, main campsite toilets (by reception), and shower facilities that all visitors are encouraged to wear a face mask or covering for the consideration and safety of their fellow campers. 

  • We are also encouraging people to pack a washing up bowl and eco washing up liquid - so that hot water can be sourced at the sinks or boiled at your tent and then the washing up can be done at camp. This again will reduce the volume of individuals visiting the services and the dirty end dish water can water a tree or plant.

  • Camping toilets - we have no chemical waste facilities so please do not use them insite unless you are taking it all home. Portable toilets can be used if only human waste and toilet paper is being put into our system. 

  • Remember to properly apply hand sanitiser or wash your hands upon entering washing up areas.

  • We are not providing benches in our camping fields so please remember to bring your own camping furniture. 

  • Singing and loudly conversing is known to be a high transmission activity so we are asking you to not sing around the campfire (we know this is something we generally have encouraged in the past but we need to give it a miss this year). 

  • Be considerate to others – if you or any of your family group are showing signs or symptoms of C19 you must not under any circumstance visit the camp site. Government guidance recommends self-isolating at home and contacting a medical professional to book in for a test.  

  • Unfortunately - following the guidance 3rd parties or day visitors will not be permitted to visit campers onsite. There are plenty of opportunities to meet friends not camping at Wowo offsite either at the locals pubs or any of the local attractions. 

  • Campers will be allowed to camp around a shared firepit with other families. It is still very important that those families maintain social distance between themselves. As our pitches are so large tents will still be able to be set apart from each other even on shared firepits. 

  • We are trying to be as cashless as possible so please bear that in mind. The log round will be correct change only - no change given or cashless. 

  • All ‘touch points’ across the site will be thoroughly cleaned through the day and cleaning materials are provided (at a safe height away from children) for guests to use). 

Check In procedure:

  1. Sign in/register procedures without physical contact.

  1. Upon arrival at our reception barn please stay in your car and wait for the check in staff to call you forward when they are free.  

  1. We will be reducing the amount of information we tell you at check in, and will be populating the main notice board outside the toilet blocks with lots of information to read. After you have found your pitch and set up please make sure to come back and give this a thorough read. 


Facilities (toilets, washing up and showers)  

Please be aware that all our facilities are shared by all our guests. 

Thorough regular cleans are in place throughout the day with extra ‘touch point’ cleans being performed in addition. 

To reduce the number of people in the shower block, please join the toilet or shower queue outside the entrance. Please wait outside until a cubicle is available. If there is no queue then please enter to find the free cubicle. On exiting the toilet/ shower please let the front of the queue know which cubicle you came from. (Even on normal peak weekends queues are not that common. 

If you can go without a shower for your stay then please keep this in mind to help with the usage of the facilities. 

Remember to use hand sanitiser before entering the facilities and before leaving the facilities you should thoroughly wash your hands with soap provided and all facility visitors are positively encouraged to wear a face covering for the consideration and safety of their fellow campers.

Please use hand sanitiser before using the water taps.

Please respect our toilet etiquette signs and adhere to them at all times. 

Hand sanitiser dispensers are available in multiple locations around the site outside all facilities. All of the dispensers will be regularly checked and topped up – if however, you find one that is running low please contact the staff located at reception. 

The indoor ‘brick block’ will be closed to guests this season as it is a recognised ‘pinch point’. 

Reception, shop and camping barn

Our main camping barn will be closed for this season to avoid campers gathering indoors. We will retain camper access to the fridges and charging lockers.

The shop will be one family unit in, one out to keep campers distanced. Please queue outside the door until the current shopper comes out or you are called in if empty.

We look forward to seeing everyone again and being able to supply relaxing visits to the wonderful outdoors.