Booking FAQS

Booking FAQS

Please read this page to find the answer to any booking questions before you give our office a call. We have tried to answer all the common questions here to aid your booking with us. 


How to book everyone in?  

When booking you and your friends into Wowo, you have the option to book 8 adults and 8 children in at one time. If you are booking a party of 2 to 6 families then this is usually the best way so we know quickly how many of you there are. If each family wants to book individually then you will need to write a note in the 'additional requests' to tell us the total number and the lead group name


Do we include our young children or babies in the booking?

We do not charge for children under 4, they are little bundles of free camping. So please ignore your young ones from the booking process entirely, unless you really want to pay for them. 

All saturdays appear to be booked, but Friday is showing yellow? Do you have availability? 

We're working on this one... Unfortunately all Saturdays showing red are also booked up on Fridays too, amber means that your stay can't begin on that day, either because your stay length goes over a booked up period, or because your stay length is under the minimum number of nights allowed (2 nights beginning on Friday for weekends, 3 nights for bank holidays and 2 nights over school holidays). Our availability is kept completely up to date on the website, unfortunately if you aren't able to click on 'next step', it's because we genuinely don't have any availability! 


Friday and Saturday are green but only a Yurt or Hut is showing up when I click on view rates...?  

If a weekend is showing up green on the calendar then it does mean something is free, sometimes this is only the Shepherds Hut or a Yurt. If Standard Camping does not show up, it is not available.

Can I come to camp for one night?  

During all busy times of year; Weekends, July/ August, Half-terms etc we have a minimum of 2 nights. 
Friday and Saturday are always sold together, meaning you can't start your stay on Wednesday for 3 nights as you will not be staying Saturday night. 
You can stay 1 night mid week outside of the summer anytime from September to the start of July. 

Can we book a group?

Yes, this is one of the things we do best at Wowo. We can accomodate groups of just 4 families to groups of 50 families. 

We do not accept single sex groups of any size, sorry no stag/ hen do's (Father & son/ mother & daughter camping trips welcome).

We do not accept groups of young adults (we are a family campsite with alot of young children).


Will we be able to camp with our friends?

Most certainly! All of our fire pits are spacious enough to be shared by up to four families, the first of you to arrive can choose one for all to share and let the others know when they arrive. If you will be more than 4 families, please let us know how many you are expecting on the 'additional requests' section of your booking so we can reserve you enough room. Any more than 8 families, please go to the group tab above and fill out the form to get the ball rolling!