Ex-Helping Hands

All those who have worked on the campsite in the past.


Rachel-  Spring 2011 to Autum 2016



Rachel in the office

Rachel is the creative brains behind most beautiful and colourful things you see around the site. Not only this but she’s also a fountain of local knowledge and one of the finest receptionists in the land. Perpetually cheerful and on the go, Rachel will go out of her way to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. While your in the barn you will be looking at her artwork all around you.

The Chicks - March 2009 - Autum 2016

The Chick family

Dave and Jem live on the farm with their 3 kids, and help all over the place. Dave is a carpenter and builds all kinds of things at Wowo from toilets to Bridges. If you see somthing nice made out of wood onsite, then Dave's probably built it, examples include the compost toilet and sink blocks in Lower Moat. Jem and the kids help out  around the site and will always be friendly faces. The kids help tend the chickens and grow veg too! Feel free to ask questions if you see them around the farm, they’ll be more than happy to help. The chicks are essentially part of the family now and a part of Wowo.

Jools  - Summer 2011 - Summer 2015

Jools at Wowo

Jools has been with us since July 2011. He works in the office, he drives around on the quad doing wood deliveries and yurt service support.

He provides a calm and mellow presence on the farm, he is kind and friendly and everybody, without exception, adores him.

Andy - Summer 2010 -  2014
                                                            Andy the baker/ soup chef

Andy has been with us for a few years now and has proved to be an excellent asset to have. His skills around the campsite range from carpentry, baking our fresh bread, soup making, duck/ donkey care, cleaner and logman. So basically a great guy that is always willing to help out. Originally from the Ukraine Andy is well travelled with lots of life experience from the Russian army to working on cruise liners. A top guy.

Crew of Summer 2010

Volunteers 2010



Crew of Summer 2011:

Volunteers of 2011




Frank Guy: 2002 - 2008

Taking time out

Frank is an amazing chap who had lived and worked on the farm for many years before we opened the campsite. He was instrumental in starting the campsite in 2006/7. To show some thanks and to make sure he lives on at Wowo forever, the pitch at the very end of Tipi Trail is named Frank’s Spot, most will agree it is the nicest on the campsite







Dani & Nuria: March - December 2009

Dani & Nuria

A lovely couple from Catalan, Spain, here for the summer as volunteers. Their knowledge of planting and growing is invaluable as you will see sunflowers planted everywhere and the vegetable poly-tunnel is full of the produce of their labour. They also do an amazing Spanish breakfast for campers on weekends and can be found in the barn with their aprons on serving their exquisite food.












Priya: April - September 2009


The lovely Priya


Priya is with us for this summer and helps in the office, getting the Yurts ready and loads more around the farm. She’s very friendly so don’t hesitate to ask for help. She’s just started learning Ultimate Frisbee so if you’ve got one throw it at her and see what happens!











Marie: August - December 2009




Marie has been with us since half way through 2009 and is an invaluable asset in looking after all the Yurts and the site. You'll see her driving the quad bike around with considerable skill (she learnt from the best). Originally from Denmark she came over with the Help Ex scheme and is most likely to return for the 2010 season too! A very friendly and helpful character, feel free to brush up on your Danish if you'd like!


She's planning on popping back for this summer in 2010 though so we'll look forward to having her back.










Tim, Lucy & Oscar: September 2009 - May 2010





This lovely trio came to us near the end of the 2009 season bringing a whole load of skills with them. Lucy is a bit of a legend in the garden and is overseeing veg production in our pollytunnel. So in the summer time she'll be the one looking after the pumpkins! Tim is multi-talented and started off by building some earthy, solid benches. I challenge any camper to match Tim's knowledge of mushrooms, as his is extensive.








Flu - Summer 2010




Flu came and helped out over the summer of 2010 for a few months. He brought a lively, fresh attitude to the farm and got involved at everything we could throw at him.





Steve Jones - Summer 2009 - 2010


Steve Jones

Steve is our new campsite warden around the site. He lives in his beautiful gypsy wagon in Lower Moat and is extremely knowledgeable in the ways of bushcraft and all things nature. Most weekends  he can be found socialising with the campers and making everyones stay more pleasurable - but he'll also be the one making sure everyone behaves!





Ali - Summer 2009 - 2010

Ali and her sculpture

Ali does wonderful things with wood, here is an example of a commison that left for Scotland last year. However she has also made the tree stump outside the Alice Yurt into a bench, and the sign hanging over the barn is her work.






Sarah - April 2010 - Aug 2010




Sarah is currently studying at university but has joined the team this year to help out over the summer. You'll find her at the busy times in reception checking you in but also looking after the Yurts. She's really friendly so don't hesitate to ask for help if you need. Sarah is also a heptathalete and competes to a very high level. So you could challenge her to a race accross Lower Moat!





Stan & Eva - March 2010 - Aug 2011

Eva & Stan


Since Stan and Eva have arrived they have been great all round the campsite. They are both hardworking and useful to have around. Stan is a bit of a handyman, his most rescent work is the new entrance to the Woodland Yurt, with proper drainage and a nice tidy entrance. Eva has slotted in very well with looking after the Yurts and makes sure they are pristine for each new stay. Both are very friendly and will help out if you need anything.
Stan an Eva have now moved on, for the reason that if they had stayed any longer, they might not have been able to leave!





Abbey & Graham June 2010 - August 2011


Abbey & Graham


Abbey and Graham are a great couple from Scotland who arrived summer 2010 and are planning on staying around. Graham is great at building things (New benches in fields) and Abbey is training up in reception. Both are very good soup chefs and helped out everyday over the summer on saturday providing the soup making machine, of which many campers will testify - produced excellent soup!