Cragg Family

This is the Cragg family: Paul, Jean, Alice, Bea and Staff

The whole family

You will most definately have seen one or more of us about during your stay, if you need any help or information we are the people that most likely will know it. 


 Paul & Jean

Jean & Paul

You'll find Paul around the site most days, either growing vegetables, in a tractor or philosophizing with unwary campers. A genuinely interesting and friendly character.
Beware - this man can, and will talk to you for hours...

Jean former homeopathy giver, pumpkin and gourd grower. You'll often find Jean in the office answering questions from you guys and the phone. Administrative guru who adds
touches of homeliness all around the campsite.


Alice & Ollie

IMG 2941

Alice returned to the family home to manage the campsite from 2007-2012. During this time she set up Workshops at Wowo which she still manages. Alice moved away from the business to follow her passion of herbal medicine and is now a practicing herbalist after 3yrs of full time studies in London. She runs foraging and wild medicine workshops here at Wowo for adults and children and specialises in herbal garden design.  Visit her own website at if you are interested in receiving a herbal box delivered to your door or getting involved in community supported herbal projects.
Alice lives and works in the Sussex area still with her husband Ollie.


Bea, Phil, Charlotte & Bethany

Bea & Phil

Bea is in charge of Health and Safety onsite and helps out in the office when needed. Bea, Phil and Charlotte and Bethany can be found around site feeding the animals, playing the ukulele, and wanting to play with any other young children. Bea and Phil both work professionally with individuals who have additional needs in the local area, when they are not at Wowo. 


Staff & Rach


Staff studied business at Oxford Brookes and now works full time as the campsite manager. He's the one responsible for this website so if you have any compliments or God forbid, a criticism then please email and tell him. If you get your car stuck, Staff will be the one to come and rescue you in a tractor, or leave you there if he already asked you not to drive there.  If you need any help and spot him around don't hesitate to ask. 



Tillie, Alfie & Blue 

Cragg Dogs


Our wonderful dog Tillie had puppies in 2011 which means Alfie and Blue now live here too! Alfie and Blue come into work and run the show from the office as well as making hundreds of friends every summer in the form of other dogs and kids.