Foraging and wild Medicines with Anna Richardson,

Lucinda Warner and Alice Bettany.


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About Lucinda Warner:

Lucinda Warner is a herbalist and naturopath living and working in East Sussex. She works primarily with local and wildcrafted herbs and can often be found nosing around the hedgerows or blending, brewing and bottling potions in her kitchen. She is a firm believer in herbal medicine as the medicine of the people and loves to share her experience of the healing powers of nature which involve everything from herbal preparations to simply sitting by a tree. She writes a blog at in which she shares seasonal photos, recipes and musings from the wild.


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About Alice Bettany:
Alice is the eldest daughter of the Cragg family, the owners of Wowo campsite. She set up and still runs all Workshops at Wowo. Realising the potential to help inner city kids and families experience nature connection and bushcraft as part of their camping experience. This then expanded to the general public in the surrounding area to also offer full day workshops in foraging and wild basketry plus more.  The master forager Anna Richardson became and remains a dear friend and mentor to Alice, for which she is eternally grateful.  Alice went on to deepen her own bushcraft skills by attending the year long survival course called Trackways which culminated in a 4 day survival quest in the Pyrenees. 
Over the years she was so inspired by the plants that she also underwent a 3yr full time Herbalism course in London and is now a qualified Herbalist and Naturopath.  Alice's main passion is to empower and inspire kids and families to help themselves stay healthy through the abundance of nature's medicine around us. Alice also helps raise awareness around sustainable growing and wild crafting of herbs, endangered or at risk species and seed sovereignty. She recently completed a Permaculture design course with Peter Cow and is in the process of setting up two community herbal gardens in Firle and Horam. Alice host's wild medicine walks and practical herbal medicine making workshops for all ages in the East Sussex area. She also offers seasonal days of foraging, practical medicine making, basic botany and biology workshops for Home Education groups; one day in spring, summer and autumn. Alice is available for private herbal consultation or to be hired for herbal garden design jobs.  For information about Community herb gardening open days, Community supported herbalism and more see her website:


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About Anna Richardson:

Anna was has been teaching about Foraging and wild medicine at Wowo since 2008. She is taking a year out to explore the flora and fauna of the UK with her family, as well as making time out to practise her nature crafts. She will return to offer workshops again in 2017.

Anna has extensive knowledge and experience of native wild plants. Self taught research into medicines available in the hedgerow led to a yearlong bushcraft/survival training, as well as an interest in wild foods and other practical uses of plants. Since 2003 she has been mentored by archaeo-botanist Professor Gordon Hillman. Anna currently teaches Forest School and courses for adults at Sussex University; she is also developing her work in Plant Spirit Medicine and nature awareness with teachers such as Eliot Cowen. Anna works as a freelance facilitator for the Circle of Life rediscovery team, which is a community interest company for outdoor learning and environmental education.

Anna’s passion is in providing a space in which participants have the opportunity to connect to the natural world and to explore this relationship through creative activity.  By spending time around a fire in the woods with a smallish group of like-minded people, working with gathered plant materials in various ways, we can find connection to ourselves as well as to the natural world around us.  Taking time out of our normal daily lives in this way allows space for reflection and gives us the possibility of deep nourishment, appreciation and an opportunity to touch into sense of the interconnectedness of life. Anna is inspired by traditional wisdom and knowledge in the ways we work with nature and the natural materials.  We harvest what we need with respect and sensitivity.


 How to book:

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Full day foraging workshop cost £60 per person

Foraging walk 3hrs cost £20 per person

If you would like to book either of these inspirational ladies for a 3hr guided walk or for a full day foraging, harvesting and processing experience as part of an independent group for adults or children please do email us to discuss on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Home Education groups
Alice and Lucinda have put together a program of 3 days aimed at home education children. One date in spring, summer and autumn to connect with the seasons and learn what is available at these different times of year. The morning will be spent foraging and the afternoon will be practical herbal medicine making.  Basic botany, biology and plant safety will be covered with handouts and foraging homework.
We can host the group at Wowo campsite or come to a location of your choice, all we need is a suitable area to forage and a place to gather ideally with a fire pit (travel expenses apply). 
Cost will be approx £400 for two tutors with a maximum of 15 kids for a full day 9am-5pm. Price/time/date/age range/group size negotiable to suit your needs. Alice and Lucinda have DBS, insurance and first aid.



Please bring a pack lunch which can be ideally shared with others, this brings such a treat to the day when food is shared.  We can top up our lunch with some foraged goods too and will be nibbling away all afternoon on the foraged delights we’ve made.  A selection of tea’s and hot water will be provided and of-course we will make some fresh herb brews along the way.  

Please arrive 15 minutes early to allow time to meet & greet.  Please bring suitable footwear for walking on farmland, warm clothes (even if it is sunny) and wet weather gear just in case.  Please bring a notepad and pen, maybe a camera to help you remember the plants,  and baskets for foraged goods.


 No previous experience needed for any of these workshops.

Maximum of 16 participants on each day.

Under 18yrs welcome if interested but need to be accompanied by a participating adult, charged at
20% off full price, contact Workshop manager to book this on:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

No dogs allowed please 


Workshop Dates

Spring Forage - Food is Medicine

Saturday 13th May 2017

10.30am - 4.30pm

Spring is a time of awakening in nature and in our bodies as the days grow longer and warmer. Whilst buds open and leaves unfurl our blood and lymph flow more freely and the liver and kidneys step up their work to clear out our systems after the more stagnant months of winter. To help with this process we have some wonderful plant allies which can be made into delicious foods and medicines and assist us in cleansing and toning our systems ready for the new growth of the year ahead. Wild spring greens have been part of the diet of our ancestors for thousands of years and we will learn some of their traditional and modern uses as well as how we can gain benefit from incorporating them into our lives. On this day we will walk the land and gather some of the spring plants we find for making tea, food and medicine around the fire in the afternoon.  You might take home a herbal vinegar,  healing ointment or another medicine made on the day, feast on wild pesto and pick up some fire by friction tips.


Summer Flowers - Beauty and health in wild flowers

Sunday 9th July 2017

10.30am - 4.30pm

Summer is such a vibrant time, full of beautiful flowers which help to open, cool and refresh our bodies and minds. Flowers can be used in medicines, foods and delicious herbal teas at this time of year and we will gather together to learn about some of their traditional uses. In the morning we will forage some healing flowers together and in the afternoon we will be making various herbal applications around the campfire.  You might take home a Flower essence and a herbal infused oil or another medicine made on the day and pick up some fire by friction tips.  


Autumn Forage - Roots and berries; Food is Medicine

Saturday 16th September 2017

10.30am - 4.30pm

Autumn is the time for deep nourishing, building up our stores of nutrients and supporting our immune systems ready for the cold months ahead. Nature provides us with a wonderful array of colourful berries and fruits along with delicious nuts and seeds which are full of the fats and energy we need to keep us warm through the winter months. Along with the last few greens and the first of the roots we have such an abundant variety of healing foods and medicines at this time of year. Join us for a foraging walk in the morning which will focus on gathering from nature's bounty to make a selection of delicious wild foods and supporting medicines around the fireside in the afternoon.  You might take home a pot of probiotic hawthorn ketchup, a delicious medicinal stock base or another medicine made on the day, eat some wild pesto and pick up some fire by friction tips.


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