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WildNature Bushcraft Adventures with Robert Fallon and Team 


We would like to invite you on a journey of discovery.

Coyote mentoring is an indigenous style of teaching and instruction found in native peoples, characterized by a transforming or

trickster approach. Participants are enticed beyond their comfort zone, outward on the wings of their own curiosity.


spoon whittled rob fallon


About Wildnature

Wildnature was founded by Robert Fallon with a vision to reconnect children and adults back to a deeper awareness of themselves and the natural world that is our home, to discover our own true wild nature.  Our purpose is to share experiences and knowledge that will open the door way to an integral understanding of the possibility of living a healthy dynamic life in a healthy dynamic community, which is connected to Nature. This is achieved by Nature Connection based mentoring. The art of inspiring participants, adult and child alike, beyond their preconceived boundaries and out into the world of the unknown, lead and guided by their own innate curiosity and wonder. 

Robert is inspired by his lifelong passion to live in integrity with nature. He has trained and taught internationally, and is involved in various ongoing programs supporting nature reconnection and community regeneration. He is a community leader and much appreciated for his down-to-earth and impassioned approach. 

For more information on Wildnature please take a look at their ownwebsite.

Birthday/private parties for all ages, corporate and team building events, rights of passage available.  Robert Fallon - 07811 814 907 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


How to Book workshops at Wowo 

 Click directly on the date of the workshop/ extra you want to attend, followed by clicking on 'NEXT STEP'. Then select how many people to attend each Workshop (take note of dates) and click on 'NEXT STEP'. You will then be directed to fill in your payment details.



If you have any trouble booking please call reception on 01825 723414 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


2hr session - £12
3hr session - £18

Group Bookings

If you would like to book any of these workshops for a large group on already set dates or privately on special dates, for school or home education groups or team building exercises, we can accommodate you.  Tailor made full/ half days with a selection of workshops of your choice and price discounts available.  Please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



A Foragers Feast

blackberries in  childs hand

Forage, gather, and cook - a day designed to inspire culinary awe and passion!

Discover what bounty can be foraged from the wild world around us to cook up a wild tucker feast! Foraged fruits, roots, flowers and shoots, wild nettles and greens, mushrooms, and teas, game and meat - according to season. Learn how to prepare and cook to achieve your wild master chef status.

  • The do’s and don’ts of wild foraging – what to pick and what to stay away from
  • Where and how to forage 
  • Understanding wild plants and how they help us thrive  - food-medicine-toxins
  • Simple and safe ‘reach and harvest’ wild medicines and nibbles
  • About our native wild super foods

Let your taste buds go wild!


£12 per person: 2hrs.   Below 5yrs must be accompanied by a paying adult.



‘Bear’ Grylls Survival Challenge!


An adventure with a twist! Calling all you Bear Grylls out there! Our time together will be made up of three separate outdoor challenges to keep our (teddy bear) - ‘Bear Grylls’ alive to the end of the adventure. Through interactive play, bushcraft skill learning and ‘coyote mentoring’, your group will learn how to build a waterproof shelter, make wild fire, and expand their natural awareness, bringing ‘Bear’s’ back home safe and well. Fun; educational and inspiring for all ages.

£18 per person: 3hrs.  Below 5yrs must be accompanied by a paying adult



Wild Archery

archery bullseye


Whether you’re a Robin Hood, Elvin archer, or a Katniss Everdeen our expert bow folk will gift you the skill and prowess to begin to master this ancient art. Everything you need to know to develop into a pro. Develop your archery prowess on our wild ranges with accuracy and distance competitions. With the final challenge of tracking and stalking our big target stag – ‘Stan’.   Safe, educational and heaps of fun!


£18 per person: 3hrs  10yrs+ Suitable for adults and/or kids



Wildfire Masterclass

wild fire - wildnature pic


A master class dedicated to learning the art and magic of

wild fire making. We will explore a range of skills from

modern survival methods to traditional making fire by

friction, taking you on a journey through time.

Understand the use of natural tinder, how to identify and

harvest materials, and the different types of fire lays.

Learn to construct your own bow drill kit in the forest and

master the ancient techniques necessary to bring fire to life,

and a spark to the spirit!


£12 per person. 2hrs. Below 5yrs must be accompanied by an adult.



Night Games

night games




Test your nerve and skill under cover of night with our famous fire stalking game! Learn the art of invisibility and see who can get the nearest without being seen. You may remember the game grandmother’s footsteps… now imagine that grandmother is a Jedi Ninja… !! Night game timings 2hrs from 8-10pm summer months and 7-9pm

in the colder months. Please ensure you bring a torch and appropriate clothing, dark colours are best. Please note this is a non-alcohol environment.


£12 per person. 2hrs. Children under 5 must be accompanied by a paying adult.




Nature Play

Kids and fire


Time to go wild in the woods! An action packed wildtime to inspire confidence in the

outdoors and appreciation for the natural world. Full of nature connection games and

bushcraft adventures giving you the ability to have endless fun and creativity,

whether in the garden or the woods.

Come and play Fox the fox, Bat & Moth, The Fire Demon’s, The Crazy Nature

Puzzle, Nature Detectives, Trackers Eyes, and much, much more, plus our

legendary Deer & Wolves. Fun and educational for all the family.


£12 per person: 2hrs.   Below 5yrs must be accompanied by a paying adult.



Rewilding - A bushcraft adventure!

Rob with team of young boys

Getting back to nature! A perfect introduction to bushcraft or wildtime to advance your skills. Spend a fun educational and inspiring time in nature, for all the family.

Get skilled on all the bushcraft basics, building a waterproof shelter, making wild fire, foraging

for wild food, tasting wild teas, tracking and natural awareness. Techniques to help you have

more fun and get the kids outdoors, to de-stress and unwind and get nature connected.

£18 per person. 3hrs. Under 5 yrs must be accompanied by a paying adult.  



Whittling Wisdom

spoon whittled

Everything you need to know to make yourself an expert whittler! We will begin from scratch learning the basic about wood, the correct knife and tools, techniques, positions and safety steps to achieve mastery with wood, to turn any piece into a thing of beauty and purpose. All equipment provided if you have none of your own. 

Chalk carving is available for the younger ones to develop strength, confidence, hand- eye co-ordination and fine motor skills.

A back to basics day for all the family.

£18 per person. 3hrs.   7yrs+ suitable for adults and kids.



Saturday 2nd April

10am-1pm  Wild Archery

2-4pm  Nature play

Saturday 9th April

11am-1pm  Wildfire masterclass

2-5pm  Wild Archery

Sunday 1st May

7-9pm  Night Games

Saturday 11th June

11am-1pm  Nature Play

2-5pm  ‘Bear’ Grylls survival challenge

8-10pm  Night games

Saturday 2nd July

11am-1pm  Wildfire masterclass

2-5pm  ReWilding - A Bushcraft Adventure  

8-10pm  Night games

Saturday 30th July

11am-1pm  Nature play

2-5pm  ‘Bear’ Grylls survival challenge

8-10pm  Night games

Saturday 13th August

2-5pm  ‘Bear’ Grylls survival challenge

8-10pm  Night games

Wednesday 17th August

11am-1pm  Nature play

2-5pm - Wild Archery

Saturday 27th August

11am-1pm  Nature Play

2-5pm  ‘Bear’ Grylls survival challenge

8-10pm  Night games

Saturday 17th September

11am-1pm  Wildfire masterclass

2-5pm  ReWilding - A Bushcraft adventure

8-10pm  Night Games

Saturday 24th September

11am-1pm  Wildfire masterclass

2-5pm  Wild Archery

Saturday 8th October

11am-1pm  Wildfire masterclass

2-5pm  ‘Bear’ Grylls survival challenge

Saturday 29th October

11am-1pm  Wildfire masterclass

2-5pm  Whittling wisdom